New media research?

Presentation1“New Media Research” is a term for the process utilized during the early stages of innovative media production. Due to the experimental nature of the design process, new media research utilizes all available tools at our disposal. This can range anywhere from peer reviewed articles to youtube videos posted by people all around the world. Although these methods provide content that is ranging in credibility; The goal is to acquire research in a variety of perspectives and mediums. The skills necessary for these methods would be the ambition to research, ability to keep an open mind and the initiative to collaborate.



I had previously thought New Media was just integration of communication mediums like text and photographs. However my understanding of the concept is slowly developing and is most likely nowhere near complete. What I have seemed to grasp thus far is that New Media is actually a way to understand technology and how we interact with it. Instead of a determined definition New Media is alway changing along with the progression of technology and our understanding of it. My previous understanding on New Media seemed to revolve around media strictly however that couldn’t be more wrong, it seems that whatever is currently at the cutting edge of technology could be labeled as new media. New media is, and always has been the future of how humans understand of technology.


Blogging is the modern equivalent to cave paintings. its a way for one to express themselves through written opinion, pictures or even videos and podcasts. These are all means by which one can propel their ideas and thoughts into a format which is easy for anyone to consume and/or observe. Blogging gives whoever involved the opportunity to publish basically anything they want for free and at the click of a button, thanks to modern technology which wasn’t always available. There are many different layouts and formats in which one can ‘blog’ which can depend on the blogging platform, each website having slightly different layouts but the same initial idea.

People use blogs for just about anything! There are blogs dedicated to just about anything, from voicing opinions on current matters all the way to food and recipes. People use a variety of tools and mediums when it comes to blogging such as text, pictures and video. When it comes to blogging, your subject and how you express it is limited to your own mind.

When it comes to blogging my greatest strength would definitely have to be my wide range of interests and ideas of topics to write and publish about. I feel like my biggest weakness is my actually writing skills and my abilities to express my ideas and thoughts. However I have a genuine interest in publishing ideas and projects for everyone to see.

New Media

group definition of new media:
New media is the leading source to the future of technology by which the way to communicate with the world is done through the integration of many media platforms.
An example of new media technology is modern social medias such as Facebook, twitter or youtube.
-Carlos Sabbah,  Andrew Soares and Lucas figliuzzi

Aaron my homeboy

Hey this is Andrew
I am collecting information about my dude Aaron.

Aaron is from welland/Niagara Falls
He chose new media because he wants to explore the integration between sounds and visual
Aaron like the fact that new media means the students will be pioneers of future media and technology.

He has also studied music production and engineering for a while at suny Fredonia in the United States.

Understanding New Media