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D.I.Y. Culture

Mandy’s presentation last thursday was on the topic of D.I.Y culture, D.I.Y meaning ‘do it yourself’. This concept of one doing projects by themselves has come a long way along with the progression of technology and easy to access media. Many aspects of todays culture encompasses the ‘do it yourself’ mentality as many more things are becoming possible for the average person to do once again paralleling the technology that we have accessible to us in modern times. Now with expansive information available to us via the web possibilities regarding do it yourself mentality are immense. For example: if one were to desire to create a bench the wood-working techniques and methods are all available online, include actual blue-prints for a bench or even a video tutorial making it incredibly easy to follow step by step instructions leading you directly to you finished product. Because of the internet people are becoming more accessible to the feeling of self-accomplishment.